Forget Your Expectations

Arriving in a place without without knowing anything about it is like rolling a dice to see what happens. This can be dangerous and may leave you somewhere not at all suited to your liking, but it can also be exciting.

You may get to rub shoulders with people you wouldn’t normally meet. Like a billionaire in a camp ground or a back-packer staying in a five star resort. You could feel completely out of place or it could be new and refreshing. You may have to give up your preconceptions and find a different side of yourself. You might be challenged and grow as a person. Isn’t opening up to new experiences what travel is all about?

Yet unless you are one of those people with unlimited time, often known as retirees or back-packers, you’ll want to be in a place with which you have some affinity. So do some research but don’t overdo it.

Overpacking your head

Leave some things up to chance. Arriving in a place with minimal planning means you won’t have a lot of expectations and be more open minded and spontaneous. Expectations are mental baggage like fear, stress and anger. 

De-clutter your mind before you leave home, by getting rid of preconceptions and expectations. Try to wind down before you leave and forget your anger and stress to give yourself the mental space you need to fill with new experiences. You cant fill a cup that is already full.


Do you really want to know what happens in a movie before you watch it for the first time? If you knew what was going to happen, would you enjoy it as much? Expectations and can lead to disappointment. I’ve been to so many places for the first time and the mental picture I had before arriving is rarely accurate. 

Travel agents and online travel sights use clichés to describe a place. They are selling a product. It’s not real. You can’t smell a website and the posters don’t show the power lines. The place is rarely how you expected it to be and even less so if you are full of everyone else’s viewpoints. We all see things differently.

Take a place for what it is. It may not be how the brochures described and the culture isn’t a cliché. They are real people and will greet you on their terms. You’ll see the place for what it is and not how you expect it to be.

You won’t be disappointed if you aren’t expecting anything. 

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