Sydney Airport Taxi Fiasco!

June 2017

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport

Traffic management at Sydney Airport is a shambles and an embarrassment to Australians.

Imagine you’ve been on the red-eye from Asia or Europe or the States. It doesn’t really matter where from because Sydney Australia is so far from most places that international flights are usually long.

You’re tired and glad to finally get through customs and out into the world. You need to get a taxi to your hotel, home or wherever so you can have a lay down or simply relax but what does Sydney Airport offer? Simple “bullshit”.

You are corralled like cattle into one of those switch-back fences. This is where you need to lug your stuff back and forth for half an hour until you finally reach this bottleneck and one passenger or group at a time are given a number, painted on the kerb where you stand and wait for your cab to pull in.

taxi queu
Cattle class taxi stand at Sydney International Airport

When the frustrated taxi driver finally pulls up at your number to pick you up you are then slugged a fee of $4.25 plus taxes for the inconvenience.

In communist states during the cold war era, people sometimes had to queue for basic necessities due to shortages. There is no shortage of taxis in Sydney yet this is exactly how the airport operates. Welcome to Sydney!

One American traveller arriving for business was given this great first impression of Australian business efficiency. He only had this to say, “this is bullshit”. Those who manage the airport are fools indeed yet the stupidity continues.

As for the poor taxi drivers who are simply trying to make a living. I saw dozens of cabs parked and waiting for their turn to enter a pathetically inadequate pick up zone. The drivers are similarly frustrated and losing money while they wait.

Perhaps I’m out of line here but I can’t remember an airport worse at this.


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